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Diversified health care company providing health insurance services and health care products.

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UnitedHealth Group Incorporated is a prominent healthcare company operating primarily within the United States. Organized into four distinct segments, the company delivers a comprehensive array of health-related services and solutions.

The UnitedHealthcare segment specializes in offering health benefit plans and services to a diverse client base, encompassing national employers, public sector entities, mid-sized and small businesses, as well as individual customers. It provides extensive coverage options, including health care for individuals over 50, Medicaid plans, children's health insurance, and various hospital and clinical services.

OptumHealth focuses on providing access to networks of care providers, health management services, care delivery solutions, consumer engagement initiatives, and financial services. This segment serves individuals directly through care delivery systems, employers, payers, and government entities, ensuring comprehensive health management across various demographics.

The OptumInsight segment specializes in offering software and information products, advisory consulting services, and managed services outsourcing contracts to a wide spectrum of clients, including hospital systems, physicians, health plans, governments, and life sciences companies. It plays a critical role in enhancing operational efficiencies and clinical outcomes through advanced healthcare technology and consulting expertise.

Lastly, the OptumRx segment provides an extensive range of pharmacy care services and programs, such as retail network contracting, home delivery, specialty pharmacy solutions, and purchasing and clinical capabilities. It also focuses on developing innovative programs in areas like formulary management, drug adherence, and disease therapy management.

Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, UnitedHealth Group continues to lead the healthcare industry with its diversified offerings and commitment to improving health outcomes for individuals and organizations alike.


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