Stock Sector Monitor Software

Stock Sector Monitor is a desktop personal financial application that allows you to instantly monitor over 200 stock industry sectors and over 7,000 publicly traded companies simultaneously. With Stock Sector Monitor, you can easily track the daily top gaining and losing stocks in each sector, view quotes, percentage changes, trading volumes, and other quote information, print reports, access news, charts, and company financial data on the web, and create and maintain your personal stock portfolios

  • Easy-to-use explorer-style user interface
  • Lists over 200 stock industry sectors
  • Includes over 7,000 publicly traded companies
  • Provides intraday stock prices and instant stock quote updates
  • Maintains daily historical data for your own portfolios
  • Supports asynchronous data transfer
  • Includes Stock Quote Servers for showing news, charts, and financial reports
  • Allows customization of internet information websites for Stock Quote Servers
  • Prints snapshots of stock sectors
  • Exports stock quotes in ASCII format