Stock Quotes Pro Software

Stock Quotes Pro downloads historical stock quotes in plain text format from free internet sources such as Yahoo Finance or Google Finance websites. The downloaded stock prices are formatted to be compatible with most spreadsheet and charting/technical analysis software packages like MetaStock, SuperCharts, Omega TradeStation, and Microsoft Excel, among others. Stock quotes are downloaded as plain ASCII files and are saved on your hard disk, with one file per stock symbol for future use. This includes tasks such as data analysis in Excel, importing into third-party stock charting software, or simply looking up stock prices for a specific day in the past

  • No server connection or subscription fees.
  • Downloads data for up to 1000 symbols at once.
  • Daily historical stock quotes data.
  • Supports multiple stock quotes servers.
  • Compatible with most technical analysis software.
  • Preview historical stock quotes in Notepad.
  • Has customizable stock quotes data time-order.
  • Compatible with MetaStock.
  • Compatible with Advanced Get.
  • Compatible with SuperCharts.