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Leading provider of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software and enterprise applications.

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Salesforce, Inc. Logo Salesforce, Inc. is a global leader in customer relationship management technology, facilitating connections between companies and their customers on a worldwide scale. Central to its operations is the Customer 360 platform, which empowers businesses to collaborate effectively and deliver seamless experiences across various touchpoints. The platform supports critical functions such as data storage, lead management, sales forecasting, analytics, and personalized customer interactions through quotes, contracts, and invoices.

Beyond its core CRM capabilities, Salesforce offers a versatile suite of services tailored to different industries and organizational sizes. This includes tools for building custom business applications using intuitive drag-and-drop features, an online learning platform for acquiring essential Salesforce skills, and Slack for streamlined communication and collaboration. The company's comprehensive portfolio also encompasses solutions for marketing automation to enhance personalized customer journeys, and commerce solutions for integrating customer experiences across mobile, web, social media, and physical store environments.

Salesforce further enhances its service offerings with Tableau, a powerful analytics platform catering to enterprise needs, and MuleSoft, an integration solution enabling seamless data connectivity across diverse enterprise systems. Serving a broad spectrum of industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and more, Salesforce supports its clients with professional services and certification programs to ensure optimal deployment and utilization of its technologies. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, Salesforce continues to innovate and expand its global footprint through direct sales and partnerships with consulting firms and system integrators.


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