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Global services company known for its credit card, financial, and travel-related services.

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´╗┐American Express is a renowned provider of financial services, specializing in a diverse portfolio of charge and credit card products alongside travel-related offerings. Organized into three principal business segments - Global Consumer Services Group, Global Commercial Services, and Global Merchant and Network Services - American Express caters to a broad spectrum of consumer and corporate needs. The Global Consumer Services Group delivers an array of payment and financing solutions, complemented by travel and lifestyle services designed to enhance consumer experiences.

Meanwhile, the Global Commercial Services segment focuses on delivering tailored payment solutions and expense management products to mid-sized and large corporations, empowering efficient financial operations. Additionally, the Global Merchant and Network Services segment plays a pivotal role by offering merchant acquisition, processing services, and customer loyalty programs, bolstering merchant capabilities across various sectors. American Express distributes its comprehensive suite of products and services through a variety of channels, including mobile apps, online platforms, direct mail, telephone channels, and dedicated sales teams.

Founded in 1850 and headquartered in New York, New York, American Express maintains a rich legacy of innovation and customer service excellence in the financial services industry. By consistently adapting to market demands and leveraging advanced technological solutions, American Express continues to uphold its commitment to providing indispensable financial tools and services to consumers and businesses worldwide.


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