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Global e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming giant.

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´╗┐, Inc. is a global conglomerate renowned for its extensive retail operations both online and in physical stores worldwide. Organized into three main segments - North America, International, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Amazon offers a diverse array of products, ranging from its own electronic devices such as Kindle and Echo to a vast selection sourced from third-party sellers. The company also excels in digital media and content creation, supporting authors, filmmakers, app developers, and more through its expansive platforms.

Beyond its role as a retail giant, Amazon provides a comprehensive suite of services including cloud computing through AWS, which encompasses computing power, storage, and advanced analytics capabilities. Furthermore, Amazon Prime, its renowned membership program, extends exclusive perks and discounts to subscribers, enhancing customer loyalty globally. Catering to the needs of consumers, businesses, and content creators alike, Amazon continues to innovate and expand its offerings since its establishment in 1994, with its headquarters located in Seattle, Washington.

In addition to retail and digital services, Amazon plays a pivotal role in digital advertising and content subscriptions, reinforcing its status as a multifaceted entity driving innovation across multiple sectors. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and technological advancement,, Inc. remains a leading force in the global marketplace.


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