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Ashkon Stock Watch is an advanced charting software for financial market information. Unlike a conventional financial website it allows to display several technical indicators for a single security on the same chart, open multiple chart documents, maintain predefined lists of securities and test your own investment strategies. Ashkon Stock Watch has several built in market indicators like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, price channels, Lanes stochastic oscillators, volatility, MACD, momentum and others. One-click buy and sell feature gives you a unique opportunity to apply a trading strategy to a given security and brings a cumulative and summarized performance of your investment. A built it "ticker lookup" feature brings you an access to a database of over 20,000 securities listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX

Stock Trading Analysis Software: Ashkon Stock Watch: Features

Software Features:


Maintains lists of the stock tickers.
Plots historical price charts of the securities  
Plots technical indicators.
Displays technical indicators in three panels 
Records buys and sells
Calculates performance of the trading session
Switches between different data providers
Has built in drawing features (support levels)
Allows customizable view of the chart
Supports multiple document interface.
Includes custom time range selector / navigation
Version information: 5.2.232 (Febt 25th, 2012)
Download sites:  (3.5 Mb)
Registered version price:  $95.00
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