News Ticker Application Bar: Description

News Ticker Application Bar is a software designed for continuous retrieval of news headlines through the Internet. It is simple news ticker that resides at the top or the bottom of your screen and displays news headlines from Yahoo or MSN in a form of a scrolling line. News Ticker Application Bar features custom colors, scrolling speed, news categories and position on the screen. One click on the scrolling headline and your browser is opened with the full news article. 

 News Ticker Application Bar: Software Features

Software Features:


News from Yahoo and MSN.
Custom news ticker colors.
Adjustable scrolling speed.
Custom news ticker categories.
Automatic headlines updates.
User defined fonts and screen position.

Version information: 1.15 ( Feb 23rd, 2007)
Download site #1:  (421 Kb)
Download site #2:
Registered version price:  $19.95
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